Friday, August 6, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

So I have arrived safely here in Santiago, Chile.  First, let me explain the title.  'Algunos cuentos Chilenos' means 'Some Chilean stories.'  Pretty simple.  '¿Cachai?' is the Chilean way of saying 'You get it?' or 'You understand?' but it's slang so, 'You know what I'm sayin?' might be the best way to explain it.  Anyway, Chileans, especially the younger ones, say it all the time. ¿Cachai?  

I'm new to the blog scene, but I hope to keep up on this 2-4 times per month to keep you updated on what's going on down here south of the equator.  Sorry for a boring first post but I'm a little preoccupied right now as me and my 3 roommates are preparing to host a party at our house (within the next hour or so we'll be hosting 25-30 people in a pretty small house so...).  In the next couple of days I'll write a proper first post and really let you all know what happened this first week, it's been exciting and I have a few hilarious stories already (mostly due to my inability to understand Spanish).  More to come, hope you're all well.  Chau!


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    1. Who are you? I'm reviewing this, my first attempt at putting together a blog (it's a disgrace) and I peeked at your profile after I saw the comment...your blog is really interesting! Do we know each other?